Cross-Country Road Trip

Date: 8/17/2019

By Keraniwolf

I wish I remembered more of this dream. Ordinarily, I remember major plot points. Today, I just remember two scenes with even partial clarity. The rest is just a basic premise and a very strong impression of "this would make a fantastic comedy movie." The main premise of the dream, as I recall, had something to do with demons from some underworld place (maybe Hell, maybe not?) possessing humans so they could take over the human world. The first half of the dream is a total blur. I do think the possessed humans tried to fight back at one point by getting annoying pop songs stuck in their demons's heads. Beyond that, it's just a vague montage of places and people and lines that were surely HILARIOUS and will now never see the light of day. What I do remember is that two demons on particular wanted/needed to go find their boss. They had to use human means to get there because they couldn't teleport for some reason. This led to what was basically a wacky cross-country road trip where the end goal gradually changed from reporting to their boss to punching said boss in the face. Whether it was for the humans' sake or not, I have no idea. I do know that both the demons were possessing women. One was a tall, almost elf-like blond woman. She might have been temporarily replaced by someone I don't remember very well? But then she came back? Whatever the case, her companion was more the star of the dream anyway. She was a barely tanned white teenager with ridiculously dark, richly vibrant red hair in a short bob cut. During their road trip, I only remember the demons being in some kind of government facility/prison for awhile. They made an enemy of a very bitter man who looked a little like if the principal/dean guy from that show Community had any physical evidence of muscles or strength. He was. Odd. Liked to put on plays for the wardens/guards. The demons didn't really see him as a threat, and mostly just ignored him. Which worked out fine for them. They were busy, after all. They were trying to help some elementary age kid with some issue he was having in the prison/facility, but kept getting thwarted by red tape and legal break times for secretaries. They were. Not pleased. Especially Bob, which is what I'm calling the girl with the red hair. I remember they escaped the facility somehow, and drove away to some kind of... water theme park? Maybe? They ran into more enemies there, and escaped pursuit by borrowing giant balloons to hang-glide away on, into the sunset. Bob's balloon spelled out "We just got married to the right girl" in a Vegas Wedding font & I instantly thought it was the height of visual comedy somehow. Like, if a comedy movie had a scene that light-heartedly absurd, I'd absolutely love it. The only funnier thing was Dean, the very bitter enemy they'd made in the prison/facility, putting on one of his plays. About Bob and her demon friend. Escaping with balloons that spelled words. His dramatic recreation of this was... passionate. He was fully invested in mocking them while still being professional in his acting. It was hilarious, and makes me wish I'd seen more. I think there were some more things that happened after the play. They might have even met their boss. But my brain isn't letting me remember quite that much, so... Until next I wander.