Egypt and the not so distant past

Date: 6/30/2017

By This1LuckyGuy

All I remember is a few details. There were people there from the old group I used to hang out with. Heather. I remember seeing Andre, for some reason. And we were lost, somewhere. There were ancient buildings that made me think of Egypt. I seem to remember pyramids. People were there to be assigned like dwellers in Fallout. I remember thinking about a particular couple that I was thinking about assigning to one of the pyramids. I remember Ed. and a bunch of us getting together sms getting excited about having a plan to leave. As a group, we were huddled sms put our hands together like sports teams do. I seem to recall Eds long and hairy arms. As we left, we were excited to have a plan to leave. The ground was tight packed, brown and barren rock. As we walked, I'm not sure if my dream changed, or it was a continuation of what was already happening, but me and a couple of guys, for some reason I think one wad Jacob, we were in a parking lot that had a couple of pieces of moving equipment. Not a bulldozer, but one of those tractors with a jaw in the front. I noticed that my old red blazer was there, but a large piece of metal wad leaning on it, keeping it in place. There was only one guy there working, though I knew there should have been two because there were two tractors. The guy there working kind of ignored us and was digging dirt out of a ditch as I approached to speak with him. He obviously did not want to help me, and I got annoyed because I knew he was doing it just to be an ass hole. So I took it upon myself to begin the work of moving the metal (it looked like a garage door) piece off of the truck. I had to push through some fencing and there were pallets of 3 liter Pepsi products in front of the blazer that had to be consolidated and moved. The guy was inside of the fence taking measurements to make sure the door would fit. That is the last thing that I can recall.