Teenagers, Zombies, and Secret Police: What Could Go Wrong? (bad words)

Date: 3/9/2017

By ImprovdHat

Everyone in HPS (my high school theater guild) and I planned the ultimate backpacking trip across the continent. It was starting at my house and our plans STARTED at the very southern tip of Chile and went north until we hit America. I remember looking Ay the map we'd drawn on and I was disappointed that no one had put down "swing on the edge of the world" in Ecuador (something I've always wanted to do) but I figured by the time we got there I could convince them to check it out. Then I had the thought "the little ones don't have to try" like I was one of the older kids? Maybe I was referring to the freshman. Anyway I was excited to practice my Spanish and go on an epic adventure with my friends. I made sure everyone had their gear on and were ready to go because I am basically the only kid there with backpacking experience. Then everyone EXCEPT me was ready. A whole crowd of antsy teenagers were all waiting for me so instead of actually preparing for it, I grabbed a pack full of random stuff and walked out with no change of clothes (I was wearing a white T shirt and shorts). I figured everyone else over packed. Also I don't think any of us got like permission from our parents. Actually none of us even told our 'rents about it we were just gonna leave. We didn't make it halfway down the block before the mayor or somebody took all our stuff and sent us back home. Then I saw images of abandoned highways and streets from a zombie apocalypse. I was talking to Kelsie (who played the role of my subconscious or dream planning part of the brain). I was telling her that the HPS backpacking trip would take too long if we had to walk it so we should hitchhike but we couldn't do that in a zombie apocalypse. She said if it was a zombie apocalypse we could still hitchhike. Exasperated, I told her she needed to decide if the dream was going to be in a zombie apocalypse or not. Suddenly I was in a room with a projector and skrim-type thing where everyone was going to watch a horror movie. I saw Will and Max in another room that was like a kitchen. Will poured some coke into a glass (like the ones in my kitchen) and when he left I went in there and took it. Michael Shade saw me and said "I TOLD you you're the type of fucker to touch another man's food" (in reference to the time he warned me against eating his mini pizza during tech week for les mis). Also Carolina was there. •••••••• On the couch at school I dreamed my Grandma was living in a politically tense AU (like Nazi Germany/Soviet Union level shit) where there was a secret police with free reign. They came into her house (literally my basement) and beat the shit out of her. Then I was there with my uncle Rick and his son Riley. The police came a second time and they were waltzing around like they owned the place but making Grandma really nervous. She and my uncle Rick tried to communicate without the police or the kids there understanding. I picked up on what was going on but Riley was really little and kept insisting I play with him. Rick figured real names were dangerous so he gave all of us the most superfluous and ridiculous names ever.