Prom, Animals, Candy

Date: 5/6/2017

By ace200

I remember going to the prom with Aly Crose, just to check it out. I saw Kaitlin P in her dress, but the skirt was short instead of long. We then walked to Exeter's prom. My parents were then leaving for the Summer and dropping me off at a very dirty house with nice people, but with little money. Some of them also spoke Spanish, so my Spanish skills were being tested. My sister was dropped off somewhere else. I was not looking forward to my stay. It all switched and I was staying at my own house over the summer, but my parents were never going to be around so I had to find stuff to do. There was a bear cub in my backyard I saw, and I guess it was injured, so I started feeding it and visiting it every day. Soon, it snuck up behind me and gave me a hug and I started crying because it was so sweet. I was then near a drain on the street where a mama duck had fallen in and her baby. A women pulled the mama duck out by her neck, I went for the baby. This women was going to kill them both. She took the mama duck away, so I took the baby duck to keep it safe. I gave it a worm, but it turned into a snake and started using the warm to make a skin for itself. I put it in a box and decided to let it go once it finished its transformation. I was then with my mom and sister. Apparently this crazy new candy store was made with the best sweets. We went there. All the sweets looked like stained glass, but some were chewy or hard. There was an orange ball with red swirls that was very pretty. The man who owned it was kind of weird and crazy, but we didn't care. I remember my grandma also telling me to go back to BBT, and then I had to do this driving course on my mom's phone and failed.