FBI? vs mafia?

Date: 2/11/2017

By landshark

(This is all in 3rd person pov like a movie) I sitting at our table doing homework but then the house started to shake and I went to check the basement because apparently the house does that a lot. When I went down there, there was a guy. He told me his name was josh and that he could change my life forever. I was apparently very mentally aware and I could be easily taught to fight etc. I freaked out and kicked him out because I don't have any idea who this guy was. He was really hot with blond hair and blue eyes he could pass off as a nazi but in the good way... if there is a good way. He went to his car but he didn't move and when I asked him he said that he was protecting me. I was confused because I didn't need to be protected. (Apparently I did but whatever) at one point he grabs me puts me in the car and we drive away. I convince him to let me bring my dog after 20 minutes of arguing. Once we got back it was like rocky... going up stairs and the eye of the tiger playing in the background. After maybe 5 minutes I had abs and my calfs were amazing. My first assignment was to find this drug dealer. So I posed as a stripper but I ended up kind of liking the job and I accidentally fell in the love with some guy in the mafia.