I Woke Up Laughing

Date: 4/26/2017

By AbbyK

So it started off where I was watching a BuzzFeed video on YouTube. There was a man and a woman and the video was called "People try to run a movie set without instructions" which is kind of weird. So I start watching it and it's like I'm actually there. The girl is in this car looking for where to go, but it's supposed to be a big secret so she's sneaking around. She then drives into a tiny store in her car and she drives down the aisles. Then the woman turns into the man and he's on a scooter. He is running into the shelves and knocking things off and the guy working there gets really angry so he starts chasing him and the man jumps off the scooter and tries to jump over this barrier to get out and doesn't make it and the guy working there kicks him. The man barely escapes. Then, I am walking through a grocery store and there is the same man. He is looking at this security guard and takes his hand and knocks stuff from the shelf to the floor. The security guard get mad and starts to chase him, but then I start pushing stuff off the shelf too, and the security guard starts chasing me and I'm moving really slow to get away. Before he can grab me though, some guy hits him with a cart and the security guard flies through the air and starts yelling at the man. I starts cackling and laughing so loud as I was running away. It didn't even sound like my laugh. I was laughing so hard that I woke up and couldn't control myself.