Trump Family Babysitter

Date: 3/27/2017

By flayedheart

For reasons unknown I was babysitting the Trump children in the White House, but they had an additional goliath of a son. The 20 odd y/o was intellectually impaired, and physically malformed (his face was mostly just eyes and a partially formed mouth). I was alseep on the couch when I awoke to find him standing in the darkened doorway, watching me with an unreadable but very unsettling expression on his face. I sat up to find that my pockets were full. Somehow he had broken a lamp and stuffed the pieces into them while I was sleeping. I began taking the parts out, feeling very uncomfortable knowing that my privacy had been invaded while I was unconscious. Barron enters and begins staring his brother down suspiciously. As it turns out, he could see the pair of scissors in his brother's hands. I quickly jump in front of Barron to protect him and am repeatedly stabbed while Barron calls for help. Then I woke up!