The planet of the idk wattefak

Date: 7/25/2017

By Simonbee10

It started in a school. I was no one, just someone, not material, watching from above the ground. A black student with glasses made a artificial dinosaur like living creature and a robot which he entered himself. They we're meant to fight each other, and so they did. Then they raced and the artificial creature was clearly better, but the student (lets call him garry) garry's robot wasn't as good, instead he went trough all the traps, spikes, and flying cannonballs through tricks and secret ways, because he was the one who created all that. At the final part of the trap-filled parkour they both went into a hole just before a cannonball hit them. I got a view of the solar system. We were on a small round planet next to several flat squared planets and a flat squared sun. Back on the small round planet. The dinosaur disappeared and I was there in its place. Oh, and the robot was gone too. We were in a cave, we went outside and it was majestic. A globe filled with gigantic pink plants. Alot of green plants and gigantic dinosaur like creatures. There was a flying beast that shoots poison ivy to us, a gigantic sloth-like ant eater and various creatures. We were in a hut and below us was a hermit with a beard as long as his body. He said: "great another pair of people who have found their doom". He told us that people fell in here but never returned. There was a way to get back but no one was capable of doing so. The hermit decided to stay in that world. He gave us the task of getting certain ingredients to get out of this world. We fought evil plants, climbed gigantic ant eathers taller than 3 trees. Fire golems and much more. When we came back we had all but one ingredient. "Your slippers" the hermit said. "I need the paint from your slippers". We got all the stuff and went back into the cave whence we came from. We made another cave into somewhere. Garry is now some woman. I mined and 'Garry' placed wooden beams and torches. We came to a part where we were being shot with poisonivy. "Let me handle it" 'Garry' said, placing wooden beams on each other to form a barricade. We transformed into bats and flew away.... Idk what happened next