Lost to the beauty of stone I reminisced my old friend

Date: 7/6/2017

By wanderingSnake

lost in an adventure of sorts I got sidetracked at a beach shack at sunset trying to hall a huge piece of rose quartz and marble the size of a goat to Florida for a woman it being strange because I reside in Australia not America. Her Rose quarts was originally a display case cut into two halves each side partially hollowed out and a piece of plexi glass was screwed over each half to protect whatever was being displayed, the case was so beautiful In the colour of it such lovely pink hues and the outside was rough and natural like it was just pulled from the earth. Some how in the process of trying to hall the giant stone to Florida and failing miserably to do so a character of mine from a comic I keep on meaning to draw shows up to talk to me whilst I try to do my task in vain. He speaks to me as an old friend full of soft memories and quiet smiles and tells me the quarts case had contained various other gem stones polished and labeled. he decides to help me move the case and the dream ends.