Voltron Season 3

Date: 7/24/2017

By Nepetas_Legion

I was watching season 3 of Voltron (which comes out August 4th) and there was an episode where all the paladins were in my house, and there was a blizzard outside. Pidge noticed a mother duck and her two babies taking shelter under the back deck (which was significantly smaller than it is in real life) and started rambling about how adorable they were. She then got briefly distracted by something, and when she turned back, some construction workers were rescuing the ducks and taking them to a warm place. As they were walking away, an enemy (probably Galra) swooped down on them and started attacking the ducks. Pidge freaked out and ran outside to defend them. Standing next to a random alien (who actually might have been Allura? It looked nothing like her but I just got the feeling it was her) she pulled out her bayard and started shooting at the enemies (not sure why it was shooting bullets when it's not a gun but whatever). When she finally stopped, the only living creature that had been injured was the alien next to her. Turns out, her aim sucks, and as she pulled out her bayard the blades had sliced the alien's face. Pidge felt really bad and tried to stop the bleeding, but she saw that the cut went up through her hair and off her body, shooting up infinitely into the sky. The alien seemed ok though, so Pidge returned her attention back to the ducks. The mother duck had been completely plucked of all her feathers and had been strangled to death, and the two babies were nowhere to be found. She sunk to the ground, bawling her eyes out, and that's where that episode ended. I too was sobbing over the tragic fate of the ducks as I clicked on to the next episode. In this episode, Keith (who had insanely fluffy hair for some reason) and Lance had been captured by this weird Galra dude who was examining them for some unknown reason. As he looked over Keith, he said, "Hmmm that scar on your shoulder seems pretty fresh, you would make a fine specimen." Then he went and inspected Lance. He looked really confused and said, "This is just a normal human being, there's nothing special about him. Why was I told to inspect him?" Lance the revealed that he was actually a robot all along, and I just paused the episode and went oH SHIT cuz boy was that a plot twist. Later on there was a part where Shiro was either taking a bath or swimming while having weird visions of the Galra kidnapping him. He panicked and said something about how he couldn't feel his fingers as he wrapped himself in a towel while he was sTILL IN THE POOL LIKE GOD SHIRO WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU Oh and also when they formed Voltron it actually had irises and made expressions and stuff. It was really surreal but kinda cool.