Date: 3/4/2017

By Daku

I'm sitting with some friends in a cafe restaurant. Everyone had already picked by now, but I was yet to make a decision. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to process what the words were. They weren't legible, even though I could understand it, but I wasn't able to process it. So the staff members were getting impatient, but my friends were patient. So the owner of the restaurant comes over and sits down with us, just across from me, since I was sitting in the aisle seat. He did not float or teleport over, FYI. So one of the waitresses standing next to me asks if I like spicy food, which I don't. So she suggests the mild noodles with fatty meat slices in soup that came in combo with a scoop of ice cream. I ordered that. So the food came over, and it was pretty good, but the old man was still sitting with us, talking to me. I couldn't process exactly what he was saying, but he was talking about tidbits of wisdom. Typically I get irritated about it when people talk about wisdom because it's always the same things and I hate unnecessary repetition, but I was not irritated at all. But perhaps it was because I was also looking through the kitchen doors, which were behind the old man. Note that I had not left my seat, the kitchen doors were wide open. I'm the kitchen, there was a fire going on. Or wasn't a big fire, it was staying on the stove top and it was very short, perhaps an inch in height. The flame's tips were even in height, kind of looking like the fire from those portable gas stoves, but just a bit wilder. The staff members had pulled out a fire extinguisher and were trying to put it out, so I wasn't exactly worried. However, they were obviously pretty weak because instead of that giant puff that you see typically, it was like a water tap that you didn't turn off all the way. And you had put your finger to the tap so it dripped off your finger. So at some point, I pointed it out to the old man, because the staff members LITERALLY HAD THE EXTINGUISHER NOZZLE TO THE FIRE AND COULD NOT PUT IT OUT. WHY. So the old man took the extinguisher and when he did it, it looked like the ones you typically see, but smaller, about half the size. The fire went out, but still, WHY YOUNG PEOPLE, WHY. Then the old man came back down to sit with me, when I realised that I wasn't in the restaurant, and to my right was a mother and father, kinda like as though they were in a portrait. The mother was sitting next to a door, close to touching her shoulder, and holding the baby, its head close to the door while talking about her baby. In my mind at the time, it was kinda saying things in the like of, OH MY GOD LADY, PULL THE BABY AWAY FROM THE DOOR. YOU'RE GONNA HIT THE BABY WITH THE DOOR. It didn't continue afterwards since my dad woke me up.