Date: 3/27/2017

By michelletigre

I am about four months pregnant now. At that stage where everything I do I am super paranoid. I dreamt that I was back together with my ex who towards the end of our relationship was physically abusive and a serial cheater. I always dream about him constantly even though I've dated many other people afterwards and got married four years ago. In this dream, I am pregnant but with his baby I believe is his. We are hanging out with our friends but they were reckless like smoking and drinking and being rude to me (they are usually so nice and even after the breakup some have continued being friends with me and even stopped communicating with him). I tell him I want to go home and we leave, he gets his motorbike. He makes me walk to where it is parked but I refused to walk up this steep hill. I get angry and storm off and attempt to disappear but find a dead end and he finds me. The dream jumps to months later when my belly is significantly larger. We are walking around the city we used to live in (Milan), and it is weird that I can lift my belly up and sort of hug it, and I can even feel the baby's fingers clawing through my skin holding on to my arm. For some reason I was carrying two eggs and I had to carry them in my mouth but being impossible to fit two, one cracks! I start freaking out, because a fetus is inside, I could even see it's tiny head and arms. I attempt to put both back in my mouth but I can't. We try to call my dr but he won't respond and I'm screaming in the middle of this piazza with expensive furniture around. dream ends here.