Islanzadi, Queen of the Elven.

Date: 5/31/2019

By -Frelsun-

We streaked across the sky like comets, the surging thunderheads all around us reflecting the intense mood. I was flying as fast as possible, sharp wind whipping past me. The woman flying after me was of the original elves, and she held a golden lance as she flew toward me angrily, as bright as the sun. She was chasing me ferociously, as I had invaded her homeland. I radiated no light, and held a short silver sword in my right hand as I sped towards the looming, black stormfront splayed before me, covering the whole horizon. The storm would give me the power I needed to control my flight, instead of just flying at the same elevation in a straight line. For a moment I raised my consciousness to the clouds above us, and was awed by the worthy sight before me. Below, an immensely bright pinprick of gold sped over the ocean, pursuing a dull silver figure. As I hit the black stormfront, power resurged through me, and I turned around, while looking quickly at the lance held before the ferocious woman. As she rapidly approached, I saw the 5 digit code on the lance, and reversed the values before plugging them into my sword. Immediately it grew and broadened until it was a black and silver lance identical in shape to hers. I sped toward her then, until my lance met hers in a flurry of blows, a small explosion erupting around us from the impact. I saw an opening, and cut deep into her side, towards her heart. The regal woman looked fearful, before shrinking in size to a small, light blue dragon. I held it in my hands, before shooting back full speed towards where we had started, the forest. I was determined to return the dragon to its home before it died. As I reached the magnificent beach forest, I set her down gently in the middle of the Elven city, the massive oak-houses surrounding me, and the housing rock (where all ceremonies were held) on my left. I felt the inhabitants emerging fearfully. They emerged in dragon form, though did not attack me. I realized I had killed their leader, and I was now left king. Standing silently atop the rock, I signed the great woman's name into the ground. Islanzadi. I had killed the Queen of the Elves! I felt a surge of pain as I recognized the consequences of invading their homeland, and attacking the great Queen. I was now unsure of how to proceed. I looked out into the large group of light elves, their clear eyes questioning my abilities. Feeling the gaze of an audience as powerful as me, I stood. [Here lies Islanzadi, Queen of the Elven. Mor'ranr.] (This was the message inscribed on her tomb in honor.)