Applebee’s with Friends and Celebrities

Date: 5/16/2019

By briannagio

The six of us were hanging out at my mom’s house. I went up to my room to get something and Blane was taking a nap in my bed. I sat down next to him and he woke up and we started talking. Later our entire friend group was hanging out in Applebee’s with Nick Jonas and a few other celebrities. Nick told us he had to show us something and he called in shirtless Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson to perform a song and dance for us with a bunch of ladies dressed like the girls from Mean Girls at the talent show. All I could focus on was how flabby The Rock’s muscle have gotten. Then they played a really bad rave song for us and we all hated it. Then I looked at the bar at the bottom of the screen and said “we aren’t even halfway through the song...” but then the bar started going super fast and I said “oh wait, it’s almost finished!” I looked and saw Caity was holding the remote and I said “oh, you’re skipping through the song!” [I spoke to Caity both in the dream and out loud in my sleep. I woke up from hearing myself and asked her if I had just talked in my sleep]