Weird dimensions and car accident

Date: 2/26/2017

By iwa_chans_abs

I had the ability to go to ones home and I had some kind of mission to achieve I think. I would pick small stuff up from the floor and when I would use them on something, they would get big and resemble normal items. Those small items were transparent and really small, I think they were the owners' babys' toys or something. I dont remember the first house I "travelled" to but I remember the second and last one. The mother of the baby was outside of her living room (I think) talking to someone and since I found a small item resembling a lock, I took the chance to lock her out of the room. I didnt notice that there was another door right next to it though so she broke in. Me and my brother, he was there as well for this mission, ran towards the babys room. It was dark in there and the baby was awake, staring at us from the hall. Once we got closer to the babys bed my brother and I saw my sister sleeping on it. I think we talked about something but Im not sure. Later on we went back to our dimension and everything was fine. Then the dream changed completely and I was in some alley, covered in tons of snow. I think it resembled the alley I started using lately to go to school. I was thinking about how I would tell my crush that I like him (it was my ex crush though). We apparently had a meeting since him and two other boys were waiting for me. One of them was the guy from my Math class and the other one, I dont really remember his face. There were also two men putting some stuff in a truck that could supposedly drive on its own since there was no driver inside. Some other kids I didnt know, accidentally fell into the truck (from an open roof I guess?) and couldnt get out. I didnt mind it since I thought they were joking and climbed on top of the pile of snow and was about to put my feet onto the roof when I also fell into the truck. Me and the other two boys were banging on the glass but my friends and "crush" were just laughing while the two men looked concerned and scared. The truck started moving, it wouldnt stop, it turned the other way around and started driving off, the last thing I heard was one of the men go "Theres no stopping it now". There was a lady wearing a mask I think, riding her bike and because the truck went out of control we crushed her. The truck bumped onto her only to crash onto a brick wall a few moments later. The front glass of the car broke. One of the shards somehow went down my throat, I was trying to breathe but I couldnt. My throat would hurt and my eyes stung a bit. As it started aching more and more I felt less and less conscious of what was was going on. Then I woke up at 6:34 am, around the same time as I've been waking up at the past 4 days. Its kinda creepy to think about it.