End of the world

Date: 6/21/2017

By megan_1213

So me and my friends where at this lake house with s small lake and we where having fun. We knew the world was ending soon and we wanted to have some fun till then. We weren't freaking out we actually really calm about it. One of my friends said she always wanted to see the beach so we walked through the woods. On the other side we say the beach it was beautiful during the sunset. I though to myself I've always wanted to see the stars so clear I can see the Milky Way galaxy. It went to night time immediately after that, and when I looked up I could see all the stars so clearly and the Milky Way so just to the right of me. It made me cry because I've always wanted to see it and now I have right before that world ended. We walked back to the house after a while and when we got there I woke up. The world didn't end in my dream. But it was going to I just didn't stay asleep long enough for it.