Date: 5/24/2020

By DreamWeirdo

I dreamt that I was ending some sort of part in my life. I was ending a phase where all of the camp counselors that I worked for were all moving on. We were all in a race at school and were going through the last race before we all didn’t see each other anymore and we moved on in our lives. I remember cutting to Britney Spears house in which we all snuck into because we knew she wasn’t there. It had a steam room and a really powerful shower system. I knew we were approaching the time to say goodbye and it started to become sad. I was at the Cabrillo rec center when I saw my Dad through the window in glasses smiling at me. I remember there being trash cans that have been filled up and I noticed that the trash was over flowed. I noticed him though watching me and I ran to him but I was afraid to see him. I got mad at how the trash was everywhere. I looked at him as he now came outside and was standing there still looking at me. I said something to him about the trash everywhere. “Why didn’t you tell me?” He didn’t say anything. He kept smiling at me and I became sad at myself for some reason. My dream cut to me trying to take a shower again.

AI generated interpretation This dream may represent the end of a phase in your life, such as leaving a job or moving away from friends. The trash could represent unfinished business you may feel you have with your Dad, and your fear in approaching him could be a representation of your anxieties in confronting these issues. The fact that you were looking for a shower may symbolize a desire to cleanse yourself of these unresolved issues and start fresh. Ultimately, your dream could be a sign that you are ready to confront any issues that may be lingering between you and your Dad and to move on with your life.