Party got cruel pt. 2

Date: 6/12/2019

By smithskyler53114

We all went down to this basement room that was nice and more people were down there, and we were talking to random people when this huge fat man come up to me and starts to stare at me close and I was grossed out and confused to what he was doing and he was starting to say he needed me and that he wants to take me and I said no! You’re not doing anything and I’m trying to walk about he keeps sterling in front of me, almost breathing in my face trying to stop me. And next to us was a little table with a whole bunch of stuff and I grabbed scissors and help them up above my head angrily and he said “do it, nothing will happen to me.. I don’t even feel it” and I tried to run again and he stopped me and I jabbed the scissors in his shoulder and he didn’t even flinch and he just looked at me with anger, I I kept stabbing him in his chest where his heart was he wasn’t bleeding at all and he finally went down. I won.