Date: 3/18/2019

By chronicsleepwalker

this dream begins on a small farm in colombia. this farm is used as a jail for pablo escobar’s cartel. men and women get sent here if they talk against him or reveal information to another person. it’s only for people that know escobar personally, not the general public, which is why it’s a smaller operation. there is a large hole in the ground where people get shoved into if they misbehave. the hole releases a round of poisonous gas and a round of bullets to kill the people in it. two people escape the jail and the hole. they grab food from a cottage next to the jail and make a run for it, all with guards chasing them. the dream pans to kris jenner’s mansion. the kardashian/jenners are also part of the cartel. they sold information to TMZ, so pablo sent some of his men to kill them. they got news of this from kanye right before the men got there, so they had time to hide. i was also part of the kardashian family... so me and kendall went into a secret passage way in kris’s bathroom. we still got found because there were cracks in the wall that the assassins could see through. the men were killed by our bodyguards as soon as they found us. we left the mansion and we were running along with hundreds of other people to God knows where. a giant man was relieved kendall survived the assassination attempt and he gave her a piggy back ride. i had a class during a cold winter day, and i bought some jewelry at an icing that was literally right in front of the college (you had to go through it to get to class). i saw cody fern in the halls and i had a talk with him about fashion and life in general. i complimented him on his smokey eye makeup. the next day, i was walking with cody through the icing store holding the earrings i purchased. they thought i was stealing them so they sounded the alarm and screamed at me. i had to walk all the way back to my car to grab the receipt and show it to them. i was furious. the most disturbing part of my dream involved me sleeping in between kim and my dad in a hotel room (there were no other beds), and my dad having sex with kim then waking me up in the middle of the night to eat me out?????? i was traumatized in the dream and after i woke up. ew.