Digital art, As the student lies in her dorm bed, watching the buses leave without her, she realizes she's going to be late for school and resigns herself to asking her teacher for a ride - can you generate an image of the student in her dorm room, gazing at the departing buses through the window?

Missed the Bus (Lmao)

Date: 9/20/2019

By Xiileaf

(Not in Dream) I remembered my dream! ...Partially. I really only remember a few things. Unfortunately though, I did not lucid dream. (In Dream) I was at school. Particularly my biology, English, and natural resources school. I had just finished a tiring day at the school. Instead of lockers, we basically had little dorms. Myself and someone else (unidentifiable) shared a dorm. My bunk bed was in it, and we had two minutes to catch the bus back to the main school. I, being the slowpoke I am, was still packing up when I realized it was 9:11 (PM, I’m assuming) instead of 9:10PM. I realized I was going to be late and gave up, climbing to the top of the bunk and lying there. As I had done that, I heard the two buses as I lied down. A couple students were staying after for on-campus community work (It must have been a Tuesday or Thursday). After about 10 minutes of wallowing around in the bunk bed, I got down, put my backpack on, and went to ask my teacher if she could drive me back to the main school. (Not in Dream) I’m pretty sure I woke up after that, so I never did ask her. We made eye contact, but I think that was it.

AI generated interpretation This dream could be interpreted as a reflection of your feelings of dread and anxiety over missing out on an opportunity. The fact that you were running late and had to give up on catching the bus could symbolize your feeling of not being able to meet a deadline or finish a task on time. The dorms and the other students staying after for community work could represent a need to fit in and find a sense of belonging, while the teacher could symbolize an authority figure that you look up to. It's possible that this dream reflects a feeling of being overwhelmed by the pressures of everyday life and not being able to keep up.