the Satan dream

Date: 2/12/2017

By 7aneen_46

The dream first started of at midnight ,me and my cousin were in my bedroom enjoying our own time and we heared some droplets of water outside and we realise it was raining. My cousin wanted to go out and enjoy the rain so we did as we went outside we notice two baby Sheeps with a cute chocker (as we assumed first in the dream) but as me and my cousin got closer we notice it was something else and it was the Satan sign upside down tattooed within the Sheeps so me and my cousin had backed off and went straight forward to the house locking the main gate and the normal gate of the house. As soon as we entered I went straightly to my parents bedroom cause I've heard my mom crying when I opened the door I had honestly saw my mom crying and my dad is a weird but yet a demonic postition that he turned his head around to 360 degrees just to see me and he said in a demonic voice "u will be dead soon" so I left out of the room screaming and I ended up waking up from that dream