Crazy Ass Bug

Date: 8/26/2017

By asdfcxz

I had a dream where at first I was in my childhood elementary school but I can't exactly remember why I was there I just remember seeing my old teachers and it was nice. Then I remember that for whatever I did at my elementary school, Jeff Garlin gifted me a bottle of Johnny Walker Blue Label and so I had to go to a family gathering at my cousins but everything was dark and weird and off. Then I remember I was with my dad in some weird room with high seated tables and I drank the scotch but it turned out to be black label and not blue label so I was mad and I was gonna start searching for Jeff Garlin but at my cousins house but this black giant ass bug latched onto me and released a ton of babies into me. I remember being with Richard Lewis at a hospital trying to get cured and he found me a doctor but within the hospital was this huge grand hall that looked like the Hogwarts cafeteria and my doctors office was in a room in there. When I went to have surgery to get the bugs out they gave me anesthesia but when I woke up there were no doctors just a knife. So I cut through my skin but there was only skin no muscle or bone. So I decided to cut through the first thick layer of skin but the second layer was where the bugs were and too thick for me to remove so I came out drowsy from the anesthesia, and I confronted someone about the scotch and they gave me a bottle of some cherry vanilla scotch which was weird, then I got a call saying that the only person who could fix me was this guy and he sent me a picture, and that guy happened to be in front of me. Then I tried to talk to that guy but he started running away and me and whoever I was with started chasing him with no luck cause I woke up when I caught up to the guy who could fix me