Multiple dreams about Killer Santa

Date: 7/25/2017

By AbbyK

So I don't know why I was having these dreams. But it felt like they went on all night. They also seemed like a movie and it just had a bunch of sequels. it's mainly just one big dream but then while it's happening I have flashbacks to previous years and it goes into another dream. It starts out where I'm at school and there is something big happening so there is a bunch of people. It's around Christmas, about the 23 or the 24 of December. It's probably 8:00 at night and there is a party. We start to hear walking on the roof and the lights start flickering. I am right next to the door when it opens and a tall, scary, evil looking Santa walks through the door. He starts to kill people and I narrowly escape. Then it's the next year and it all happens again except it's the 22nd of December and I'm at a different event somewhere else. I think it happens again the year after that and that's when I figure out that it's actually after me. It also comes around Christmas, but it's never on the same day just somewhere between the 20th and the 25th of December. So now it's the present time and it's December 24th and I'm at home. I think there is some guy with me but I don't recognize him as anyone IRL. We hear noises on the roof and jingle bells and we know that he's coming. I look to my door and he walks in. He starts chasing us, but we run to the garage and get into the car. The guy was driving and he took us to the highway to escape. After a while, we stop at this diner. We get out and go inside and we sit down and eat. After we are done, we know that evil Santa is coming, but this time we know that if no one curses at anyone or does something violent or something like that, Santa won't attack. (I don't know why we knew this all of a sudden). So he walks in like a robot and doesn't look too evil, but for some stupid reason, I can't help myself and I flip him off (why was I so stupid?!) and he starts getting evil again. The guy and I run out of the building and our car is gone so we start trying to look for unlocked cars. We barely get in one before dying and I peel out and drive off.