Squirrels & The Resistance

Date: 4/4/2017

By Cj

In Sam's Club? Had/bought corn. Went outside to neglected veggie garden in mom's parents' backyard. Watered the dry, dying plants. Threw corn on the ground. Squirrels came for it. I dropped entire cobs. I was almost touching squirrels. The plants were reviving. I had a fish tank. a tiny fish was suckd up by the filter. I shut it off fast enough, and it came out metamorphised as something much more beautiful. I decided to buy a machine to work out. My mom and brother were there shopping with me. I was running outside, in alleys between warehouses, at night with other young adults. The squirrels may have been a society of people who then started to like me. I had unique powers of some sort. There was an evil institution; I had to resist it. I found unity with the youth / or and/or squirrel people, and we ran about, fleeing and meddling, together. My dad was there; he may have been trying to discourage me from going about like I was. (Earlier dream) There were shiny pieces of glass, gold, and little red gems on the ground. It's only a part of a much larger series of dreams, but that's the only visual I can recall from the dreams I tried to not forget as I went back to sleep.