Jared Leto

Date: 4/1/2017

By anya-wtf

I was at my house with my family and for whatever reason, Jared Leto was also there. Anyways, I heard my dog Auggie walking down the hall and then scampering into my sisters room and my mom asked "Auggie, what's chasing you?" Jared Leto looked up from his card game and said, "Oh yeah, that's probably just my silverfish." I looked at him kind of confused and he assured me, "Don't worry, I usually just spray them with water when they're misbehaving." So I call my dog into the bathroom and separate him from the silverfish – which, by the way, look nothing like silverfish and look more like a silver axolotl skeleton – by putting him in the bathtub and grabbing a cup of water to defend myself. The silverfish start to congregate into the bathroom and I'm chucking water at them but it's not really warding them off. Then I see my mom standing over me and looking at Auggie in the tub and she asks me what I'm doing, but before I can respond I wake up.