Uberhaxorjoshoua Let's Play: Terraria Craft

Date: 6/20/2017

By drunchee

I don't actually know if these dreams were combined but they're both short soooo yeah. Basically it starts with me walking at that same forest area from my "beating up Nick dream". This time I'm at peace, I'm starting over. I'm with Josh and Garrett. I go over to the cliff side and the greenery is striking. No more frosty river or fall trees. I touch some shrubbery on the ground and instantly my hands itch. It's the poison ivy!! I run off to wash my hands, Josh laughing at me from behind. Later, I'm watching an Uberhaxornova modded minecraft let's play video on YouTube, but it's almost as if I'm in the POV of Nova playing. I can feel his frustration as Kootra messes up or as an ogre attacks as if I was him. I had another tiny dream where I was playing Terraria but the inventory slots were a lot bigger, which made me happy. I got a chest and had a ton of loot, including a computer (?). The End.