Just keep running

Date: 5/10/2019

By javerick

Last night’s dreams were all about running and trying to get to somewhere. It was pouring and I was driving dad’s bnw it seems. I got to an area with lots of small roads and shophouses. I stopped to get something and park at the side with the hazard lights on. But when I came back the car was gone. I thought it was towed but someone apparently helped me to park it at some corner. They were really nice people though. Then the dream changed to a different place. Like a huge stadium. And I saw my eye candy. We greeted but I was too shy to say anything else. And it ended. And then it changed again to a block of flats. I was trying to get a shower but there wasn’t water so I had to go downstairs to the public one. I seemed to be in a hurry so I tried taking shortcuts but I kept meeting people along the way or there was an obstacle so it took me longer than the usual way.