Date: 8/5/2017

By xoe

Leaving some sort of park, Mom driving van. Can't see who else is in there with us. Mom points out a picnic table with a small box on top. Mom says that's where Nancy is having her reunion. What kind of reunion could she be having with just one picnic table? I want candy. But we're on our way out of the park, and past all the shops. On the exit bridge, I am disappointed. When we get off the bridge, Mom takes a quick u turn to go back for candy. Even though there are cookies at home. She drives past the shop and backs up, even though there is a line of traffic behind us. She tells me to go get candy I'm embarrassed. I didn't want her to do this. I run in. Some sort of animal runs the control center, I say hello. He says hello. He is somehow both cheery and weary. So much candy. So many kinds. How do I choose? How much do they cost? They didn't used to be so expensive, but we were children then and didn't know the price of anything. I know I have to make a choice. Swedish fish, little square sweets, and so much more. I know the traffic is out there all backed up, I've got to hurry. but I am paralyzed by the choices.