Rotten grapefruit and middle school

Date: 3/8/2017

By katiepainter97

Night of July 22nd I had a dream that I was dressed in my middle school uniform but the headmaster of my old school turned my old teachers into part of a sex ring before I came to visit them and so I had to avoid them. I was walking with my friend Avery and we had big balloons, mine was a big cheeseburger for some reason, and we would run and then float off and touch the ground again. That's when I found my friend Josephine and she told me to have dinner with her and her mom because she was sick. Her mom had this weird wrap-around counter and it wasn't even in their house. It was below a big pavilion where a big patch of green was. Her mom offered me Belgium waffles (I had a Belgium waffle before I fell asleep, weird) but they had too much whip cream on them. She sprayed it off with a hose and her and Josephine started laughing. That's what made me feel uncomfortable and so I just kind of nervously laughed. Then Josephine's mom went to go watch tv and she knew I liked grapefruit a she handed me one. But it was deflated and rotten. But that's how she ate them so I didn't want to offend her gross eating habits. I started walking up the hill, but for some reason I was pushing my car too. I pushed it up til the path stopped. There was a trash can so I could throw away the grapefruit. I climbed to the top of the green. It was gorgeous and I could see all of Roswell (where my old middle school was) and a couple of man made lakes below me. As I took a picture for my story, letters in black smoke started to appear. I tried to decipher what it said, but as soon as I did, the cops already came. It was a warning that the cops with coming for Josephine's mom. My car rolled down to the bottom of the hill and I was freaking out because this detective guy thought it was hers so he pulled out all of my bags from the trunk. It had my yeti tote cooler thing, my pink nike drawstring bag from middle school P.E., and my bag that had my weed in it. I sprinted down the hill and the guy saw the Lays salt and vinegar chip container.( that's what I put my weed in to hide it in real life). And he was inspecting it and then he finally opened it. He saw the weed but he also found this rare drug Josephine's mom was hiding in it too. They knew that was hers, but they knew the weed was mine so they tried arresting me. They were putting me in handcuffs but I kept refusing and screaming that I only smoked once and I only bought a .5 of a gram. They didn't care, until the FBI came and they told the cops to let me go. They took Josephine's mom away and I hugged JJ and started crying. She asked me what my gpa was when I was walking up the hill and I said a 3.8 and that I was supposed to be going to Georgia