Date: 1/19/2017

By dee420

this is kind of a really long one. first it started out with me and my friend going into some mall, because when we got to Hawaii we for some reason had to go pick up a tv. i remember seeing all of the workers, they had red shirts, and i told my friend that it must be cool to work here because when someone asks you where you work at (when ur in a diff. state) you can say "in Hawaii". then my friend and i were walking around and somehow we needed up drifting apart but we were still talking to one another. all of the sudden she hooks it down the hallway and i sprint to go catch up with her. it ended up being that we were running away from a man with gross food (?????? for idk) then it cuts to me going outside of the resort we were staying at (it was me and a whole bunch of other people that i knew) and i walk outside, it's dark out and i look up to see a baby giraffe and i go to walk up to it and it moved away from me, at the same moment i heard my mom and she was yelling at me about something. we ended up falling asleep in my friends room. it then cuts to being at a huge house party. i look over at one of my friends, and he does a gesture that he usually does all the time. i remember then hearing a good song and looking up and seeing a HUGE screen that was projecting whatever was on the tv in the living room. people were playing Guitar Hero and they we doing really good. then i woke up.