School Asylum

Date: 5/5/2019

By Fox_Tail

My dream was a little..weird..all I can really remember is my freinds, strangers, kids like us, and I all stuck in school, but it wasn't a shcool anymore. The "school" that it used to be turned into some kind of mental asylum, that's what they called it, but there's nothing wrong with us, they just put us all in there. I was in that "place" for about a week with only being there, a string in my mind slowly breaking..until..I snapped and started going crazy, hyperventilation, panic attacks, it all felt real.. I called 911 twice, nothing, they took the phone away and I had therapy for months, it was tiring..until one day one day I was perfectly fine agian. My bestest freind found a Ginnie pig strannded, so we put him in an old cage and I was happy agian..I guess a simple animal could bring joy back that left.. But rn I'm just super tired..I dont think I slept very well last night..