Date: 6/2/2017

By MariPleez

So in the dream, i was in a library. But the library was huge, probably close to the size of a football stadium, and it was dome-shaped. *This next part is an unneeded description of the place, but i write it down so i can remember* There was a few levels to the library, but one floor, if that makes sense. At the beginning of the dream I was on the bottom level, and if i looked ahead of me, I could see a set of stairs that led to the small second level, which held a few rows of bookshelves, and if you continued going up those stairs, you would be on the top level (which was nowhere close to the ceiling), which was the smallest, since it only held the checkout desk and a couple tables to read at. There was, however, a small walkway that led to a different section of the third level, that held a creaky, green-painted-metal bunk bed for toddlers, that was called 'jail.' There weren't like rows of bookshelves like in a normal library. All that was on the ground floor was tables and chairs to read at. All the bookshelves, except the few on the second level, were on the walls. They continued all the way up the dome, except at the very top, where there was a skylight. There were those sliding ladders on the higher bookshelves so the books could be accessed. I needed some quiet I guess, so I went to the 'jail' (i mentioned it the the description), to get some quiet. In a show called 'Call the Midwife,' a character named Jane appears in the second season. In my dream, Jane was a police officer, and whenever I would try to go to jail, she would pull me off the top bunk, and reset me down to where I was at the beginning of the dream. I didn't say a word to her though, and showed no angry emotions. I simply made my way back to the top bunk of 'jail,' where i was once again dragged off, although I still said nothing. I don't know how many times I did this, but on the last time, Jane pulled a gun on me. I was going to raise my hands above my hand like you're meant to do with a cop who has you at gun point, but after one tiny flinch, she cocked the gun. I didn't dare move again, and I woke up out of fear.