Spaceships Falling to Earth

Date: 3/4/2021

By HeyItsShelbyyy

It was night time and when I looked up the whole sky was filled with all different kinds of spaceships, satellites and just anything humans had placed in space. I started freaking out but no one else around me seemed worried. Dakota and a bunch of other people around our age were outside at the house behind my house, having a party or something so I was talking to them and pointing out the spaceships. The spaceships started getting closer to earth and falling all around us. The next thing I know, the earth is no where to be seen, and it seems like i’ve been catapulted off of it, floating alone in space with my phone still in my hand. A gigantic NASA blanket/tarp thing was hovering over me, but it looked like almost the size of the earth itself. That’s when I woke up really stressed out, thinking I had just lived through the end of the world.