Secret agent-Bateman Arkham_________?

Date: 5/19/2017

By delcoboss12

I was at my uncles house (he's an FBI agent and I room with double doors that took two flights of stairs to get to. I kept trying to get into the door but it wouldn't budge. My grandmother was their for some reason. I think she was talking to me but I either couldn't hear her or I just wasn't listening. Then at night time, I finally got the dot to open. There was technology from the movie "Ex Machina". I watched it last night. There were like metal arm parts and rods and wrenches and stuff. And then I touched something. It was the brain thing that the guy was holding in the movie. I touched it and the red security lights came on. I was locked in there. --Scene Blackout-- Then my dream placed me as Batman from one of the arkham games ( either city or knight). I was trying to get something but there were these snipers that kept trying to shoot me. So I glide kicked one and then right as I was about to hit the other, I woke up