Super Mario Galaxy IRL

Date: 3/23/2017

By hazelnutboombox

I was walking around the school and it was the last day so I just got a bunch of food. I met up with my friends and we went to the yard in the back to watch the fireworks. When we got there the town turned into this medieval town Mario Style. So I wasn't bothered it was pretty. The fireworks blew and one of them started spinning in the air. And then we were sucked into it. When we woke up (in the dream) we were greeted by waterfalls and spinning floating castles and it was all fun. Until I had to save my friend from falling. I ate a bagel like a powerful and rolled my way to her. She was fine. She was scared of a walking rock (I'm sure should've been the Goomba). I escape with my friends and we all live happily ever after. Curtains fall.