Paradise Islands turned to not paradise

Date: 1/18/2017

By iMysticDragon

There was different islands around the island i was on, small islands too. Beautiful tree forest islands. The trees on one island covered in snow and the other had no snow. The trees was small but bigger than you. Some trees had red leaves instead of green. Earlier i was going through the forest and it was in autumn, a path carved out for any travellers passing by. It was a sunny day and i was on another island, where i was on top of a hill looking down on a greek styled ruin to my right and to my left there was this huge brown volcano towering down on the tourists below. Lots of tourists running around, taking photos; small huts where the tourists would sleep near to the volcano. White, spiky mountains in the background covered in snow. I took photos and videos of the area, using panorama shots too of the magnificent view. Then i saw rock fall from the volcano which everyone 'wowed' at, good job i recorded that too. The volcano went boom (didn't blow up), like erupted but didn't, everyone was screaming, running around. I was with my parents and we rushed to the beach. Alarms was going off, emergency services racing around. A bunch of people was on the beach before us. My parents decided to swim to the other island not too far from this one (my parents aren't that stupid irl), it was nearing night and knowing that the current would drag me out to sea, i decided to stay on the beach for a bit but then i put my phone in my mouth and decided to swim (i didn't want my phone getting wet and i have no idea why i went for a swim, Another explosion happened yet no lava, no black cloud. I turned back and decided to go to the building where they have life boats. I saw lifeboats going out to the other island opposite with the yellow lights on because outside was pitch black. I remember my dad saying to me before that there was another volcano on another island not too far from this island and if this volcano erupts, it may set off the other one. Skip to day time: parents came back from their little swim. Somehow was on a hill next to cable car, we went onto the cable car and rode to the next island. To another scene, i saw myself climbing onto a yellow, vertical dingy surrounded by girls that Im older than them,i don't know why i split off from my parents. _ My notes: I wish the tree islands was real, i miss that. I think the trees was maple trees mixed with other small trees. Im no tree expert. The trees did however blossoms. We was in i believe summer or spring. But it was sunny. Nothing was scary, i didn't panic either. I also get mixed up with 'was' and 'were', sorry about that.