The Strip Club Concerto

Date: 3/20/2017

By Goldilox

It started at a concert for a non-existent band. After the concert, some friends of mine and I went on a road trip. We arrived at place to park the caravan for night, a little parking lot with some buildings and shops around it, one of which was a strip club. In the morning, the only other guy on trip and I got up and waited for the strip club to open. A man on a bicycle came out and unlocked the doors of two of the buildings there before heading inside the strip club. We walked in excitedly, ready for some action, but all the strippers, already in their underwear, were occupied with cleaning the tables and stages. We went over and decided to help them clean one of the tables. We discovered the man who owned the strip club was the same guy who performed the concert earlier, and for whatever reason we resented him and the life he lead.