Care for Some Memories?

Date: 8/21/2017

By MuffinFluffin

Background: I volunteer at an assisted living facility that holds a Memory Care unit for severe Alzheimer's/Dementia/other. With all the confused screaming and aggression that comes along in later stages of these diseases, walking through this unit feels like some type of purgatory from AHS. Add several extended hours to this experience and you tend to pick up a few deluded fleas. I'm walking down the Memory unit, looking for my boss and realizing that everything is in tact: furniture, apartment doors, etc. The visual felt quite real, as if I wasn't dreaming at all. On my way to do something, one of the residents ushered me into their room (this couple technically didn't belong in MC in real-time, but here they were anyway.) The dim lighting gave everything an uncomfortable effect, as if I were about to get jumped by this 80+ year old man while his arthritic wife stood by the window and watched. Instead, they offered me two items that their family members didn't really want. Dim lighting made it difficult to see the items to their full effect, but it looked like a tall, white-colored Hydrangea and a square-shaped mahogany teapot with curly clovers on top; the spout was broken, nearly falling off. I thanked them and went on my way, only to notice the entire living room empty. I looked around there was no furniture or people, including the nurse's station towards the door. Questioning where everything went, I tried to look down at the items again, noticing blue/purple outlines of some sort on the white flowers, but otherwise seeing mostly blur. When I looked up, I noticed that I was in my grandmother's hallway. Instead of a fuzzy rug under my feet, it was nothing but the wood floor. I looked down at the blurry items again, only to notice the walls turning red, suddenly melting. I ran towards the opposite end of the long house, bursting into the garage as the garage door disappeared; a dark void began growing. I ran into the void out of desperation, still holding onto the items and trying to look at them like an idiot. Looking back up, I somehow teleported back to the empty memory unit, still desperate for any signs of life. I walked down the hallway only to notice that now all the apartments vanished, including the couple who gave me the cursed items. Post dream: I had to look up what kind of flower it may have been, only to find this EXACT nightmare flower, but in green. In other news, I may not post as many dreams in the future as I might have to set myself on fire.