My Mom Gave Me Away to a Treeman for Money?

Date: 8/3/2017

By TheOddandWeird

I was sitting on our couch in the living room, when suddenly the doorbell rings and I go to open the door. It's a weird treeman standing there, my mom comes up and starts talking to him. I couldn't understand the conversation but after they finished the creature grabbed my arm to push me into a car. We drove into some really pretty woods that looked like something from 'Avatar' with glowing ponds and trees. The treeman then explained I was part of a breeding program for humans. I was so shocked and disgusted but despite that he lead me into a room that had a bunch of pills and medicine in it. He asked: "would you like to have a vagina or a penis?" being a trans guy whose pre-surgery, I went straight for wanting a penis. When he walked me into a private clearing, my boyfriend was on the other side and he was waving to me from a blue mossy pool. Then the dream ended. I have no idea why I dreamed that, but I did.