shot dead

Date: 6/19/2017

By martinbaldos

I was back in my Alma Mater in grade school where there was this teacher who was making all students fall in line and go up the class room in a very organized way that everyone should be spaced the exact same way. We repeated the process if we weren't spaced properly and if the line wasn't straight or someone broke the line. I started to get angry at the teacher, i told him that this was stupid and a big utter nonsense. Why should everyone repeat the process just because someone broke the line?? Out of nowhere, instead of going back to the room we went down to a secret basement of the school, suddenly students started laughing, i saw post it notes on some students, i guess with something stupid written on it like the "kick me" notes. I suddenly realized I had one on me. I started to yell and asked who wrote it and posted it on my back. Someone snitched and told me, indirectly, that a certain student o forgot his name but he came forward and said he did it. we were already at the basement and i told him if he has some beef with me, then let's just fight now. He was a small and skinny kid and i was thinking he really had some balls to do this to me cause I was older and bigger than him. I asked him, "where did you get the nerve to even do this? Don't you know who I am and don't you know that I'm older than you?". He started to get scared and whispered to me that he didn't do it and Maniel did it. I screamed to get his attention, "Maniel!!!??". He came down and he was a big guy, but still someone I could handle. I told him "you're a real coward for doing this and making the small guy take the blame for what you did." I started to attack him but suddenly he got something from his back, it was a .45cal pistol, he aimed at my head point blank range, i never thought in my entire life that someone would ever point a gun at me and actually would have the guts to pull the trigger. I didn't stop and then the next thing is that i hear a loud and very short bang and i realized he did pull the trigger and everything went black and all i heard was a soft ringing in my head. I just died. everything is black. Nothing. I woke up the exact way how i fell to the ground dead.