Halloween Shopping and a Dachshund

Date: 4/15/2017

By AbbyK

My sister, grandma, and I were going shopping for something. When we were there we saw a bunch of clothing racks for Halloween costumes and we needed to get some for Halloween. So we were looking through the racks and I wasn't really finding anything. My sister tried some stuff on, but she ended up hating them even though they didn't look that bad. So we were going to go look somewhere else. We we driving and saw JC Penny's and decided to go there. We walked in right to the children's section and there were all these really big crop tops. My grandma said we could probably fit in them, but they all had butterflies or stuff for kids on them so we said no. She kept looking through them. I looked around the corner and there were the prom dresses and all these kids from high school trying them on. I got embarrassed because I didn't want them thinking I was shopping in the kids section, so we left. On the way out, there was this guy with a dachshund. He left it there and a lady came and got him. She was laying in the grass by the parking lot and when we walked by, she had him in her lap and was trying to feed it something but he didn't want to eat it. Side note: I have dreams about shopping for something specific that I have to get in a very short time and never being able to find it in time at least once a week. I have no idea why or what that means.