Pill Poppin

Date: 7/13/2017

By MsBananaNanner

I'm back in my highschool auditorium waiting for chapel or something to start(some parts of the dream I was in hs, sometimes I was in college). The night before, my brother had gone through some kind of surgery, so everyone kept asking me how he was, and I said that he'd left the house before I'd gotten up so I assumed he'd be around somewhere. All these people kept coming by saying they were my uncles, and cousins, and it was very strange. Even after hearing me tell like 20 people the same thing, the girl whose been sitting next to me this whole time asks about my brother. I explain it again, and then see him coming up the row in front of us then lays down across the seats. When the chapel or whatever begins, he climbs over to sit in our row. For whatever reason, I had a birthday balloon with me, and my mom had dropped off a soda for me (in a cup with a lid and straw, not a bottle or can). The person on stage starts, and they're showing this slideshow/video thing and it's a bunch of stuff from when I was a kid--home videos and stuff. It's supposed to be a birthday tribute for both me and my brother. I try not to look too embarrassed. And none of these videos are things that happened irl. It finishes, and they talk about other birthdays and stuff, and then say they're giving out special balloons to special people. I already have one so I feel confident they won't make me go up to the stage. They start passing out hundreds and hundreds of tiny balloons through the crowd, blanketing everyone. One of the women walking up the aisle knocks my drink over and it rolls under the seat in a huge arcing semi circle, spilling everything in a huge trail. It has enough momentum that when it gets all the way to the other side, it rolls all the way back and I catch it. It's still got all the ice, but the soda is gone. I'm even more embarrassed now. They're announcing different awards and explaining this one in detail, but it's all for elementary kids so I'm not that interested. For whatever reason, I have so many things in my hands, and I'm trying desperately not to drop them. The floor is super angled, so I know that if I drop these things they're going to roll all the way to the front! I have like 8 water bottles, except half of them aren't even real water bottles, they're just shampoo bottles and canola oil bottles and whatnot that I've refilled with water. Carefully I try to put them in my bag, but I can't get them to fit. And every time I do, I nearly drop all the others in my arms. Eventually I get them in for the most part. Then I guess I decide I need to take all my pills for the day. I stick a handful in, and then realize I didn't get my water ready to wash it down. So I reach for the first one I can get, which is a shampoo bottle. Everyone stared at me very strangely. I made sure to grab a more normal one the next time. I try to get my last few pills out, and they all try to fall out of the bottle out once. A few spill on the floor but I manage to stop them from rolling away. I strain to pick them back up, but then other ones fall. Suddenly I can't remember how many pills I took or how many of this kind I need. I guess and just take two. I try to get water quickly, because they're getting stuck to the inside of my mouth and I don't want em to dissolve. They're very dry and hard to swallow and I almost throw up.