🅰️🅱️🅰️ and the gaming factory

Date: 9/21/2019

By BellaDragon7

We were at this giant house and then like apparently there was like a monster in the walls or something and we were trying to listen for it but then like I had a giant container of old grapes I had to dump so I went out to dump them but my old dogs were there and they kept trying to eat them and so I was like no no stop and then I went into the house and we were in a room with my grandma watching a movie and we heard an owl so I tried looking out the window and we were like in the city like a hugeeeeee city with all these lights and idek man it was so weird. Then I was in a big factory supposedly meeting Andre there. We were waiting in the parking lot and then I saw Lauren’s dad and grandpa there and I completely ignored her dad. And then in the parking lot I saw Caitlynn and then I’m like omg wait where did andre go and he’s like lol I’m right hereeee and I was like oh pHew yayyyyy andreeee! And for some reason he was dressed like an e boy the entire dream with like a black and white sleeved long sleeve shirt turtle neck under a black t shirt tucked in with a belt and black pants 😂 Then we were like all going to this gaming factory for a tour but then we went inside and then I was like oh no andre we forgot the incense holder but then they had a cookie cutter thing in their fridge and I used it as an intense holder and I was like Andre which one should I use and he’s like hmmmm myrrh but he didn’t know how to say it right lmao. Then Lauren and Adam met us inside there where these ladies were trying to design t shirts for us but we’re struggling and I’m like “it’s okay thank you so much” because they totally screwed up the design. Then they showed this giant screening of Minecraft saying how they can make it like real life soon but it was a monster hunter version in VR with all these weird creepy monsters lmao. Then I was with Andre and we went to Mc Donald’s and it was night time then we were waiting in line and he was in front of me and the cashier is like can I help someone whose next and I’m like okay Andre you go first and he’s like “no I won’t let u make me go first you can go first” and then I tried ordering a sundae but the lady’s like oh we only have the combo or duo and I didn’t know what it was and Andre is like idk either so I ordered a Mc chicken instead 😂 then I was like checking Instagram in my dream and looking at Adams account and I was like omg Lauren, I’ve seen him before because he posted videos where he like had a fur suit and I’m like omg Lauren I’ve seen him before he’s a furry and he posted a video of him falling into the lake, and for some reason in my dream he was non binary lmao.