Date: 7/29/2017

By Tomboy10156

Ok so I was swimming around a ship and when I went underwater I noticed that I could still breathe but I didn't realize I was in a dream so I went on the ship and suddenly me and my team were going to Victoria for a tournament and so I put my bag with my iPad in it in a secluded corner because I didn't want to get it wet and I decided to take a picture of the team because they were stacked in a pyramid and as soon as I got my phone out they jumped and fell apart and I almost dropped my phone into the water then I went up to the place where you buy food and said that I wanted fries and he said that they will be a minute and I look over and I see my mom is standing to the side making fries of her own and she says I can have the fries she's making and that I'm only allowed one fries box and so I took the fries from the person when they were ready and they had turned into crispy bananas and they were oddly good and I look over at my mom and she's eating her banana fries that she made and I walked off to the side vending machine wondering how I was supposed to eat sugary foods without my mom knowing now that she was coming on the trip. As a walked over the ship all of the sudden got really busy and there were even people at my table and my bag was on the ground and I asked them where my stuff was and they said it was still on the table so I grabbed all the papers from the table put them in my bag and walked away......... And then my dream turned into something where my dad and his family are famous so they get in to their own show but I need to go around and buy a ticket I wait in the long line up and end up having to go back because I didn't have a ticket and I got the ticket and charged through and went to see the show except there was this thing before the show and I went in it and it was like a weird slide and everyone was watching me and when I was done I went back into the audience to sit with Nikki and Andrea and there were these poles and a giant mattress with covers on it and that's all I can remember.