Date: 2/9/2017

By destopianfuture

I was in a fantasy world with four factions, all living in the same area. they styled themselves white, black, green, and maroon. all were doing their best to avoid/fight off otherworldly beings called demons. black had powers over the undead, and were often misunderstood as outsiders mistook undead for the demons. green left trails of poison in their wake, and mainly kept to themselves to avoid potential accidents. maroon were strange: they looked perfectly human except that they had no arms, and used telekinetic powers in lieu of hands. they were the most secretive and rarely seen outside their own cities. white were the bustling industrialists, and i don't remember ever learning what their actual powers were, but they welcomed everyone and built strong walls against the demons. myself and my companion were outsiders who had come to the area, well-travelled adventurers. we had to choose who to live with and how best to fight off the demons. she wanted to make sacrifices, killing where she must for the greater good; I had never killed a humanoid and wanted to keep it that way. much of the dream was an argument over the morals of this. we never fully resolved it, but agreed to disagree and settled in one of the white cities, but made close friends among maroon. in particular we met one little girl who was a half-breed of maroon and white, living alone on the outskirts of the maroon city. she had physical arms but they did not work, and had particularly strong psychic powers. we may have been her only friends. one of our closest friends in white was chosen to move on to the next world, some sort of angelic ascension. everyone around was overjoyed, and we were happy for her too, but less so; as outsiders we did not fully understand the custom and were sad to be losing her company. we put on brave faces and gave her a good sendoff along with the natives. I don't remember much after that. I think there was some sort of bandit raid and I was forced to kill for the first time. I think this caused a falling out with my friend, but I don't remember why. it was a very long and confusing dream.