Donald Trump's Hippie Son

Date: 3/22/2017

By incurableflame

So in my dream I guess I emigrated to USA or something, in the year 2025, which was basically identical to present day. Actually, it was more like the 1960s, but more on that later. Donald Trump had been the president for two terms and did transform America into a land of plenty, you could say. Everything was just so much better and people who had protested against him at the start have realized he's not nearly the Hitler they thought he was. Anyways, it was 2025, and it was time for new elections. Some people wished they could vote for Trump a third time and they kind of got what they asked for. But much better. It turns out Trump *was* running for president. His hippie son. Now, I have no idea who it is, but this dude looked kinda like the much healthier & hippier version of YouTuber The Amazing Atheist. He also wore a grey hat. Anyways, the bloody highlight of the dream, was that instead of doing speeches on his campaigns, hippie Trump Jr. turned his speeches into songs and his podium into a stage and sang about his vision for a new America. Everybody in attendance were given lyrics to the song, written in squiggly 1969 type font. The song was a simple acoustic little tune, but it was super catchy and everyone sang along. I still remember how the song went and I don't think it's anything like I've heard before. Start of chorus part goes "Red are the Red Sheer Mountains" and I had NO IDEA but it turns out Sheer Mountain Range is actually real... well it is in Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon. Anyways, everyone sings along with him. I'm with my friend and I'm talking through the song and she tells me to shut up and pay attention. Embarrassed, I join in the song. Thousands of people sing. Perhaps even millions, as I believe it was a televized event. It was like the song had united the hearts of people. When the song ended, everyone cheered really enthusiastically and asked him to sing again. He was smiling and seemed like a genuine good guy, had no idea people would respond so well. His campaign and whole message was mostly focused on personal liberty & self-responsibility. It was clear he was a beloved of everyone, even if his message was different than his father's. In another part of the dream, my godmother wanted help understanding angelic language (???) but I told her my knowledge is limited to only basic words & phrases...