Brownies and A Boy

Date: 2/5/2019

By pinkstar16121

I remember seeing my mom was talking to this guy on the phone and via text. They met through some online game. I somehow knew he was around my age. Now I know he was the guy I'm interning with although in the dream he was cuter and I developed a crush on him, which I have no such thing for the kid irl. We're strictly friends but he would frequently call my mom and I would get jealous. Then somehow he and I started talking. I started answering when he would call my mom. We would then meet up in person, which is something he and my mom never did so I felt better now that he was like mine, I had more territory over him. I remember my mom calling him while I was with him and I wasn't even jealous anymore although it still slightly annoyed me but he put the phone on speaker and I said hi to her. I don't remember if anything else was said before the connection was lost. I noticed right away but it took him a few seconds to realize it. I remember he immediately wanted to call her back but I don't remember that happening. I think maybe my subconscious desire made his attention divert. We were playing this trivia game and then he had to go to the bathroom. It then looked like my hallway in my kitchen where the bathroom is. I sat outside the door and played the game, anxious for him to come back and when he did I thought I faintly smelled the remnants of odor from a bowel movement but I think it was just imagination fueled by anticipation because he'd been in there for a few minutes. The game turned into this interactive trivia TV show in which these women on the show winning prizes like vacations was contingent on me getting answers right. I was doing well for the first couple questions and my friend cheered me on saying "you got this!" However, as confident as I was that I got the next question right even though I just winged it, I ended up getting it wrong probably because I didn't think carefully before answering. Because of this, I knew I'd ruined this woman's chance for a vacation and I felt bad. The next thing I remember is I was at school or something in the cafeteria and there were these unbelievably delicious brownies and I must have been back in high school because in high school they would sell these chocolate chip cookies and my mom just wanted to know what happened to the cookies and if they could still make them just as good as the brownies. The brownies were definitely better than the cookies, which I recalled upon my mom mentioning them. What is weird is my mom's irl friend makes what we all think are the best brownies although the brownies in my dream tasted more like my stepmom's brownies, which are my second favorite. But I have wondered if my mom's friend can make cookies as good as his brownies.