Mental Ward Waiting Room

Date: 7/15/2017

By Grovegoblin

I was in a Mental Room waiting area with a large door at one end and a desk with a high countertop at the other end in the left corner of the room. I was in a sleeping bag at the base of the countertop such that the attendant couldn't see me. Then, a few of my Childhood friends came through the door and sat on a couch facing me. They sneared and gawked at me. Eventually, a gurl from my childhood named Savannah came in and sat right next to me underneith the countertop. She started to strip in plain view of all of my other childhood friends and myself, but out of sight of the attendant. After she stripped, she pulled out my cock and started to suck on it like a vaccum cleaner until it was hard enough for her to mount me and fuck me. This continued until my best friend, Joey, came in and went behind the counter to inform the attendant that he would be leaving. So, upon hearing that, I got my grandmother's cell phone (idk why I had it), got up (with Savanah still riding my knob somehow), and threw it to Joey behind the counter (thinking it was his phone). At first, he put the phone down on the countertop as of to give it to the attendant. But, he took it with him when he left.