Death and bass guitar

Date: 2/27/2017

By mysticmusic94

Also a few nights ago. In this dream I felt very frightened. I was in this house and my nana was there and she died. She left behind all this stuff and people were planning on throwing the stuff out but I said no. I took the stuff and when I was going through it i found two bass guitars. One of them was a 4 stringed and the other a 12 stringed bass. I then looked back at the 4 string and discovered a hidden hole so it was actually a 5 string apparently. Then the dream twisted into me trying to get out of the house. The only way out was a window so I walked towards the window and used these Christmas lights draped from the house to the house across the street as a zip line to slide down. Then when i was outside the surroundings became different again. I was in a regular looking development and I just started running around the development in search of a car.