Date: 3/6/2017

By Bradleyp1234

So it starts out in my house. I was in my Pajamas. And I needed to go poo really bad. I mean REALLY bad. You probably haven't experienced it before. Both the bathrooms were taken up, so I started shitting myself. The bus came and me and my sister went on it. I said "I'll just change when the bus comes back". But the bus goes to school. Not my school, the "dream school" that I saw in a dream when I was younger. It was my new school (I'm moving soon). But there was this part of the field twice the size of a king bed next to the school. The grass was brighter and looked more fake in that square. 3 sides had benches, and it was surrounded with the white stuff that surrounds soccer fields. Lets dub it "the spot". but when I went there, the poo was gone. A group of 12-18 people were in "the spot". The rest of the field was empty. I walked in nervous, but it took me a minute to realize that everyone there were grade 4 and 5's from my real life school (I'm currently in grade 5). We all sat on the benches. I was beside my friend. Then, a group of random people came (probably from the "new" school). The were in the middle of "the spot". They were picking there friends. A girl said "_____, and, (my name)". The dream ended. But how did she know my name